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If you dream of kiting through snow-covered landscape and up small mountain peaks, you have found the right place!
Never kited or are you an experienced kiter, come snowkite with us at Halne, a snowkite mecca in the middle of the Hardangervidda.
All our camps are suitable for both total beginners and experienced kiters.

Do you want to learn snowkiting and want to take a kite course?

Our camps are not just a regular kite course. If you stay with us, you get unlimited hours of kite course, as much as the weather allows and you can handle. When the kite is packed down and the actual course is done for the day, you will still receive inputs, tips and tricks while sitting in front of the fireplace and during dinner, from the instructors who stay with us.

We stay at Halne Fjellstugu, which is perhaps Norway’s best place to live when you go kiting on snow. Right outside the lodge is the Halnefjord with good wind conditions, lots of snow and huge surfaces perfect for snowkiting. For the more experienced kiters, there are several nice little peaks to kite up and down, or kite on a longer trip out in the plateau with our experienced instructors who knows the area.

If you like skiing or snowboarding, snowkite is a perfect complement to this!

After our camps, you should have been able to become an independent kiter on snow, and if you haven’t kited on water but want to learn, you now have good experience to bring to the water.

Enjoy Europes’s best snowkite!

Halne is located on the Hardangervidda in Norway and offers fantastic exotic snow views with open white mountains 360 ° all around. For many snowkite enthusiasts, Halne is an obvious snow paradise with both snowy and wind-safe conditions throughout the winter. Others choose Halne because it is closer than other Scandinavian winter destinations like for example Åre.

Halne – Google Maps

Est. driving distance by car:

Oslo: 4h

Gothenburg: 7h

Stockholm: 10h

lär dig snökite på norges bästa snöparadis

Our very own kite spot is right on our doorstep and stretches as far as the eye can see in all directions!

Beginners and course participates can learn quick and easy on the flat open spaces that offer a vast amount of space.

For advanced riders there are fun snowy peaks to explore, an unlimited amount of snow to play in, completely free of trees and obstacles.

Up on the mountain plateau the thick layer of snow always stays soft and nice, which creates the ultimate environment to explore with a kite!

snökite på fjället

All our snowkite camps in Halne are all-inclusive with tasty food that reflects nature, local traditions and the chef’s own twist. Many of food are caught, picked and smoked in the local area and we of course take into account all allergies and preferences (please notify when booking or contact us by e-mail). 

We’re accommodated in double rooms with en-suite bathrooms in a modern and cozy mountain lodge that provides all we need for an excellent stay – a lovely lounge with a fire place, a hot sauna with panoramic views after a full day on the mountain, storage for all equipment, relaxing massage (booked and paid onsite) and magnificent views of the mountain plateau.

Our package for beginners include all the kite equipment and all the time you need with our certified instructors. You will learn this fantastic sport in a safe and printed environment, which makes it easy to get started and become an independent kiter. On snow, all focus is on kite control, which makes it significantly easier to learn to kite on water.

As an advanced kiter, Halne offers an absolutely fantastic environment to explore with a kite, with snow-capped peaks to kite up and down and the possibility of a full-day guided excursion out on the plateau. We have coaching packages where you can develop your kite skills to the next level. You can learn jumps, tricks and lots of cool with one of our experienced instructors.

In all our packages we offer our participants we watch out for you, so you can always feel safe out in the mountains. Our camps also include an educational course in CPR and mountain safety.

  • Beginner: For you who want to learn to snow kite for the first time or who have taken a course a long time ago and need to freshen up.Includes: all kite equipment
    experienced and professional instructors as many hours as desired
    kite theory and safety
    courses in CPR and what to think about when kiting and are out in the mountains
  • Coaching: For you who are more experienced (can kite upwind) or very experienced and want to be challenged or kite on a longer trip.Includes: Experienced and professional instructors xx hours
    unlimited with tips and tricks by instructors
    safety – courses in CPR and what to think about when kiting and being out in the mountains
    In both packages, there will always be instructors who look after you and help you if necessary.

Our snowkite camps

  • stay right on the kite spot – kite in / kite out
  • 5 nights in a double room with private bathroom
  • all-inclusive: breakfast, lunch and 3-course dinner daily
  • Tues – Sun.
  • choose between kite course or coaching
  • unlimited kite course hours
  • tips and shared experiences from experienced kiters whenever desired
  • experienced instructors always available for you
  • longer kite trip out on the plateau for the ones with good enough kite control
  • sauna
  • CPR and safety
  • from SEK 11,750
  • accommodation right on the spot – kite in / kite out
  • 4 nights in double room (twin beds) with own en suite bathroom
  • all-inclusive meals: breakfast, lunch, three course dinner every day
  • wednesday – sunday
  • combination of snowkite and yoga!
  • choose between full kite course or coaching
  • unlimited kite course or coaching hours
  • CPR and safety
  • from 8 390 SEK

Welcome to a snowkite camp with like-minded girls. With a mix of kite and yoga you’ll have days filled with kite session on the mountain, amazing yoga to start your day, relaxation in the sauna, marvelous food and a cozy movie night with focus on talented girls in kiting.

Join us for an unforgettable long-weekend to lovely Halne in Norway, regardless if you have no, little or a lot of experience with kites and yoga you’ll have the chance to learn a lot, level up your skills and be inspired by an awesome group of girls.

snowkite at halne in norway

More info

If you don’t have access to your own personal kite equipment this can be rented from us for the fee of 500 SEK/day. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible, preferably at the time of booking.

Note, the kite course package includes all kite equipment. Skis / snowboard and helmet should always be brought by the guest.

All camps are paid at the time of booking.