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A kite course with us is not just a kite course! We support you from the day we meet until you become a confident and independent kitesurfer. After you finished your course you will plan your next step with the instructor and why not jump into the jacuzzi for an after-kite and get even more feedback, tips and tricks from the instructors while enjoy being a part of a great community at the Villa. 

With our passionate, experienced and professional instructors, we are here to teach you kitesurfing in the most safe and fun way. Our goal is to make you an independent and confident kitesurfer, or even better. 

All participants of our kite courses get 10% on equipment after completed course.
You will also get 3 hours of “We watch out for you” for free, when you buy equipment.

Hope we get to teach you our passion and welcome you into our this great community!

1990 SEK
Feel the magic!
  • Safety – this is a high priority during the whole course.
    On/off the water.
    SEA (Spot, Environment, Activity) assessment
    Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land

  • Theory
    Wind window, equipment, rules.
    Kite setup

  • Gear
    How it works and what different type of gear there is (kites, boards, harnesses, wetsuits etc.)
    Equipment set-up and safety systems.

  • Kite control
    Learn to steer a kite, practice maneuvers and kite power. We do this in the water.
    Launching and landing the kite.

  • Bodydrag
    In the water we use the kite to stay afloat and tacking against the wind (upwind).
    The Body Drag gives you a first-hand impression of what it feels like to become one with the wind.

  • All kite equipment included.

1390 SEK
Get up and get moving! 
  • Get good kite control
    Get confident with launching and landing
    Enter and exit the water while controlling the kite.

  • Bodydrag
    Bodydrag upwind
    Bodydrag with the board.

  • Get on the board
    Water start
    Controlled stop.

  • Safety
    ROW (Right Of Way) rules introduction.

  • All equipment included.

1390 SEK
Ride to new horizons!
  • Board control
    Keep practicing at getting up in the board.

  • Riding the board
    Learning to go in both directions.
    Practicing riding both upwind and downwind.
    Control of speed by edging.

  • Depending on how well you can handle the board and the riding
    How to transition from one way to the other.
    How to jump.
    Sliding transition etc.

  • All kite equipment included.

1190 SEK/H
We’ll improve where you stand!
  • Custom
    The private lesson is all up to you and we will customize it according to your needs.

    • Twintip
    • Strapless
    • HydroFoil  (minimum 2 hours)
    • Wingsurf (minimum 2 hours)
  • Refresh
    Maybe you did the course a year ago and just need some refreshing tips to get up on the board.

  • Jumping/Tricks
    Is it time to try the back roll, a hand drag transition? Or are you ready to boost big and go for that scary kiteloop?

250 SEK/ 1H
We look out for you and get you going!!
  • We do a safety repetition, we help you at the beach and remind you of all the steps to get you safely out on the water.
    We keep an eye on you and make sure you feel safe.

    Contact us for booking time
    info@villasurfgarden.se / +46 76 126 90 01.

Contact us if you need to rent gear.
info@villasurfgarden.se /
+46 76 126 90 01.

Frequently asked questions

If you are completely new to kitesurfing, we recommend level 1 and 2. After completing the course, you and your instructor talk about the steps forward.

If it’s a long time since you took the course, we primarily recommend step 1 and 2. If it’s not that long since you took the course, we recommend that you choose level 2 or 3, depending on how far you got in your course. You can also choose private lessons if you want to take courses without other participants. We complete the lessons according to your needs and wishes.

No. We love to do kitecourse with you no matter if you stay at our place or not.

Learning to kitesurf is often easier than you think, as long as you start with the basics. What’s important when learning kitesurfing is to have continuity in your training. Don’t let it go too long between each time you are on the water and take enough courses. Kitesurfing is a sport where you can get good pretty fast (if you have continuity) and you can always learn something new.

All kite equipment and gear is included in the course. Bring a water bottle and maybe a snack. If you want to take a jacuzzi or sauna afterwards, bring swimwear and a towel.

If it is not good enough wind the day you are going to take a course, we will rebook to a day that suits you. We will be in constant contact before the course and give you updates on weather and wind. We find the best day based on when you can and when there are good wind conditions.

We believe we have created the best possible environment to teach you or improve your kitesurfing and have fun at the same time.

In each course you will learn special skills, but not only that, you will know why. We want to create clarity in our way of teaching, so each course is linked in a fluid way to encourage learning. Our vision is to help you become an independent and safe or better itesurfer, but above all to have a lot of fun together on the water!

Our instructors are much experienced both as kite instructors and kiters, and they love the sport and teaching it. After completing your course, you will plan your next step with the instructor and why not jump into the jacuzzi for an after-kite and get even more feedback, tips and tricks from the instructors while enjoying being a part of a fantastic community at the Villa.

Yes, and you get a 10% discount on new kite equipment after you have taken a kite course with us. We sell equipment both individually and in packages. You can also buy demo equipment from us. Talk to your kite instructor if you need kite equipment.

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