SUP along beautiful Suseån here in Falkenberg

SUP – Stand up paddle board is a great activity, whether you are throwing a stag- or hen party, preparing the next company kickoff or just as a great Sunday activity with the family.

Want to try a really fun activity in Falkenberg? Then you should definietly try our SUP-adventure in Suseån. SUP stands for “Stand up paddle board” and its a sport where you stand on a big surfboard and paddle your way across the water. It’s possible to SUP more or less wherever there are water, in lakes, rivers etc. But if you want to get the most of it while here in Falkenberg, try out the SUP-adventure in Suseån, it’s definitely something extra. As said before, SUP is something that’s suitable for every occasion, stag- and hen parties, kickoff’s or just as a nice weekend treat with the family. The best thing is that you do not need any previous experience what so ever, no need to be strong or athletic, just get up (or sit on your knees) and paddle. We can guarantee that you will have a blast!

Our SUP-adventure in Suseån is what we almost always recommend but if you really want to paddle somewhere else in Falkenberg we can help to coordinate the adventure just as you like it. If you’re in charge of hosting a stag-/hen party, kickoff or other business event why not combine it with a stay in our lovely rooms? Or maybe do a kite course with the whole team.

300/439 SEK P/P
  • Suitable for everyone.
  • Paddle down stream through beautiful surroundings.
  • We drive you to the start and pick you up at the finish line.

  • Wetsuit (100 SEK) and wet shoe (50 SEK) are available for rent.

  • Suitable for everyone.
  • SUP on your own for a day.
  • Delivery within Falkenberg by agreement.
  • Wet suite (100 SEK) och wet show (50 SEK) available for rent.

Want to try SUP in Falkenberg?

We sure hope so! A SUP-adventure is something you and your friends will love. Book a magical day on the water by telephone or email listed below.