Looking for an alternative setting for your team building, events or retreats?

Villa Surf Garden is a different and active setting for team building, company events, seminar, leader management training, retreat, etc ..

Rent our entire place with accommodation, food and activities. You and your colleagues get an active and different experience with a down to earth atmosphere and great facilities.

We offer activities and facilities that suit all seasons and all year round.
In spring, summer and autumn we have accommodation and activities here with us by the sea, while in winter we offer accommodation and activities in the mountains.

We always think new and creative. We look forward to putting together an event that suits you perfectly.

We can arrange everything from kitesurfing to 5-match on land, we put together our creative minds and make something that works best for your group.

Conference room

If you want something down to earth, get the relaxed surf atmosphere in a cozy surf lounge. Can be used for both meetings and hang outs.
If the weather is good, go outside where we have several different options.


Kick off your group with a nice and different event, do something active and strengthen the team spirit with different activities.

Try kitesurfing: this will give participants a different experience. Get out of your comfort zone. We put together courses according to level and wishes.

SUP adventure: how about an SUP adventure in the Amazon of Sweden, Suseåen. A technical course can be added.

Fatbikes and mountain bikes: Get your participants working and enjoy the beautiful nature around.


Roof terrace: great for yoga etc.

Pool, jacuzzi and sauna: In summer you can jump in the pool to cool off or have a cold drink in the hot tub. For the colder seasons, the mix of the hot jacuzzi and sauna and winter bath in our pool is a pure pleasure.

Bonfire: Enjoy an evening around the campfire.

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