Villa Surf Garden’s motto – Making kiting easier.

It’s not unusual that great ideas start with people being fed up with something. That’s exactly how our journey started.

We lived a hectic big city life in Oslo, Norway working full-time jobs, climbing that career ladder. It came a day when we took a step back, looked at what we were doing and more or less said – We quit! We can’t do this anymore and we don’t want to, for what reason, for what goal? After 10 years in finance, we had the privilege and economy to take a year off and just figure out what we wanted to do and what made us happy. That’s when we found kitesurfing!

For all of you who have tried kitesurfing, I think it’s safe to say that it’s somewhat addictive – Am I right? Kitesurfing was that thing we’d been looking for. Today, as soon as we step into those straps and feel the power in the kite, everything else is gone. For us kitesurfing is total happiness.

We realized that we wanted to do something with kitesurfing and show others how fun it is. On one of our many trips down to Sweden’s west coast we discussed accommodation and that it’s so limited to the cities and most often quite expensive. Why can’t there be smaller seaside places which don’t cost a fortune for a few nights stay. This is when we made our plans for Villa Surf Garden.

A year later we stand here at Villa Surf Garden, our own little oasis on the west coast of Sweden. We’re located at one of the best kite spots in Scandinavia and have both flat water and waves right at our doorstep. We’ve created this because we want to make kiting easier and more accessible to everyone.

Let us show you what kitesurfing is all about. See you soon!

– Villa Surf Garden