15-19 JUNE 2022


All levels!




Welcome to an exclusive and high-end summer girls kite camp for all levels together with former world champion kitesurfer, Jalou Langeree, and Villa Surf Garden.

This is a 4,5 days camp where you will be provided with personalized, professional and friendly services, thanks to our experienced and down to earth crew and Jalou.

To us, it doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or an experienced rider. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn kitesurfing, get to be an independent kiter, be a confident kiter, learn a new discipline and to get even better – Let us kick off a great kitesurfing season for you!

Kitecourses or coaching – you get unlimited hours at our camps! Let’s make you an independent and confident kiter.

You stay in a unique and delicate double room, eat delicious food and relax and have fun in our beautiful oasis with a heated outdoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, hot outside shower and a large chillout garden with hammock, super comfy fatboys, sun chairs and a lounge – perfect after a day on the water.
Our two homespots are only 2 minutes away with our electric bikes and golf car. The spots are perfect for both beginners and advanced with its shallow water, both flat water and small round waves.

We will make new and good relations and have fun with like minded girls. One of the nights we will all cook together and have fun together in the kitchen, and one night we will have an outdoor cinema with lots of good vibes and popcorn.


I’m very excited to come back to Villa Surf Garden. I’ve been working with Chris and Julie for the past two years and each and every camp was great! Why? Because there is (almost) always wind, great food and hospitality. Girls from all over Europe have visited the villa at previous camps and became friends . I enjoy doing these camps because I love seeing women in kitesurfing. Sharing my years of experience and seeing your level and confident build throughout the week is what I’m doing it for. Seeing you enjoy kiting in a safe and playfull way 🙂

You arrive from 17:00 on Wednesday. We welcome you warmly and get you settled in your room (carribean, bohemian, ocean etc). Everyone says a little about themselves and we all start by getting to know each other.

For dinner we serve 3-courses and one night we cook together a meal with lots of good stuff.

The first night, Jalou will share her story, how she got into the sport and how it’s been to live of her passion. 

We start each morning before breakfast with yoga.

Our goal is to have as much time as possible on the water. It’s no limited hours in our packages. We plan together to ensure that you get the most out of your time and that you get the best progression.

We have two great kite spots 2 minutes from us by bike, and many more spots close by car. We decide which kite spot we go to based on weather conditions and your wishes for the day.

For the more experienced kiters we will arrange a downwinder one of the days where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Swedish coastline. We will end up at Villas home spot. The length of the session will be decided when we know the conditions for the day.

Safety is our highest priority, but having fun comes soon after. We will go through safety with everyone, beginner or advanced. We will talk about different experiences and what to think about on and off the water, how to prepare ourselves for less chancces of accidents. Not only for kitesurfing but sports in general too. 

There will be two sessions each day with activities, one before lunch and one after. Our goal is to kitesurf as much as possible, but we look at the weather conditions and if it is desired to do other activities as well. We can go on a beautiful SUP adventure in Sweden’s “Amazonas” (Suseån), Fatbike ride in the fun forest trails right outside the door and on the beaches, learning to wing surf or do fun beach games.

When you stay at Villa Surf Garden you stay in a small and pleasant oasis with outdoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, common room and a big patio where you can relax after a day on the bike or on the water.

The room has its very own unique style and you share a room with one more girl. 

The Villa is situated 2 min bike ride from the beaches and ocean, and a few minutes from biking trails. 

At the Villa we serve breakfast, lunch and 3-course dinner made on as much local ingredients as possible. 

  • 4 nights accomodation
  • Bedlinnen, towels
  • Free access to all facilities like heated outdoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna etc.
  • Breakfast, lunch and 3-course dinner 
  • Unlimited hours with kite courses and coaching 
  • Jalou as a coach 
  • Experienced instructors 
  • Yoga 
  • No-wind activities if needend, SUP adventure, MTB or safety and CPR
  • Pictures taken by a professional photographer

We are situated in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Car: address is Norregårdsvägen 12, 311 69 Ugglarp

Train: the train station is Falkenberg and we will pick you up at the station. The station is 15-20 min from the Villa by car.

Flight: you can fly into Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH) and take the train from the airport to Falkenberg. Öresundståg train. The train takes 2 hours.

Or you can fly into Gothenburg-Landvetter, Sweden (GOT). From there you take the bus to Gothenburg city and then the train to Falkenberg. The train takes 50 min.

In order for you to get the most out of your stay, it is super important that you tell us what level you are in kitesurfing, what you want to achieve during your stay here, and whether you have any allergies and / or requirements for certain types of food. 

For kitesurfing we divide you into two groups, a group of beginners and a little experienced who are split into teams of two on one instructor, and the other group is for more experienced people who want to be even better or learn strapless and be coached by Jalou. 

Beginner package:

Never kited before, working on your transitions or working on going upwind.
Shared rooms – you share room with 1 person.

Price: 10 400 SEK / person

Includes all kite gear

Coaching package:

You can do transitions and go upwind. You want to improve your skills.
Shared rooms – you share room with 1 person.

Price: 9 600 SEK/person

Kite gear rental:
If you are a “beginner” and will have courses the gear are included.
If you are more experienced and will have coacing, you bring your own gear or you can rent from us.

Price kite rental per day:

kite + bar: 300 SEK

kite + bar + board: 350 SEK

kite + bar + board + harness: 450 SEK

twin-tip board: 200 SEK

strapless board: 400 SEK


Cancellation more than 30-days prior to your stay – 100% refund
Cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the camp – no refund*

*In some cases we can refund some of it to another camp, courses or regular stay, please let us know and we’ll do our best to facilitate this if possible.